Bird of Paradise Grand Opening Party, May 19th, 2-5pm


Press Release - Bird of Paradise Grand Opening Party  

Elevate your eating, elevate your life at Bird of Paradise in the East End Market.  This new concept by Emily Rankin was created to inspire you to eat healthy, vibrant, flavorful and transformative foods. This clean food menu has you craving it’s bright tropical flavors and high energy ingredients, paired with vibrant tropical drinks and a modern Florida interior.  

Bird of Paradise is now open in the East End Market. Grand Opening Party, filled with beautiful tropical food & drink and lively reggae music is set for Sunday, May 19th, 2-5pm.

East End Market: 3201 Corrine Dr, Orlando FL 32803  / 407.790.7758  / INSTA & FB: @birdofparadisefl  /

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Tropical Grand Opening Party, Sunday May 19th, 2-5pm:  Bird of Paradise will be showing off their tropical drinks, bright flavorful food and vibrant tropical interior!  The party will really get going with Oklahoma Stackhouse, Orlando’s super group that kicks out the freshest rock reggae tunes in true tropical style (2:30-4:30pm). Bird of Paradise will be offering $5 specials to make sure the food and drinks are flowing and the vibes are high.  It will be hard to resist a photo in front of the colorful new mural with a beautiful drink in hand!

Beyond Farm to Table: Emily has been bringing Orlando great local ingredients for more than 10 years, as the founder of the Audubon Park Community Market, Local Roots: Farm to Restaurant Distribution and the Local Roots: Farm Store in the East End Market, later called Florida & Co.  Her desire to create a healthy community has far from waned. She is beyond excited to share these beautiful local ingredients, as well as other health filled certified organic ingredients whenever possible in her new tropical inspired eatery. Set in the location of Florida & Co in East End Market, she has created her most exciting expression yet.  

We Are What We Eat, so let’s eat vibrant, healthy, love filled food.   Bird of Paradise wants to inspire you to live the best days of your life.  The menu is filled with the most gorgeous local or organic vegetables grown with love.  The offerings include heritage local meats, wild local seafood and local organic tempeh, which are all the best you can find in this amazing state. The menu is always dairy and gluten-free, making it easy to navigate for those with dietary needs or preferences.  They only cook with organic coconut or olive oil. The entire menu is designed to be low-glycemic and they only use organic coconut nectar and fruit juices sparingly to create their multi-dimensional flavors. Most of the items on the menu are available vegetarian and vegan for those seeking plant-based foods. The most exciting thing is that the food satisfies your palate and leaves you feeling great at the same time!